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Why Do People Like To Hack Instagram Accounts

Hacking is still the most favorite online activity for most of the internet users. On top of that, everyone likes to get access to another person’s social media account.  There are many personal things like the messages on the Instagram that one can get access to if they can break into another person’s account. Apart from that, there are various other reasons why one needs to hack Instagram accounts, and the possible reasons are listed below.

Reasons For Hacking Instagram Accounts


Pranking friends is a fun activity as long as there is no harm caused. Moreover, if a person can hack another person’s account, he is sure to get some recognition in his/her friend circle. Therefore, to play a prank on a friend, another friend or friends can hack his/her Instagram account and send funny messages and post funny photos. Moreover, the fact that one can hack an Instagram account, it makes him elite among all.

hack Instagram

Remote Monitoring

In this world of online activities, no one can trust anyone unless they have proof to believe. Therefore, whether it is your boyfriend or girlfriend, your life partner, your business partner or anyone on whom you have doubts, you can check their social media accounts to confirm and nullify your doubts.

There are various instances of partners cheating behind the back, and this can be proved by going through the Instagram messages. Therefore, one of the main reasons to hack Instagram accounts these days is to remotely monitor the activities of the person whose account is hacked. In fact, even parents can monitor their children’s activities as they are prone to various cyber dangers.

Getting Back Accounts

Hacking Instagram accounts is an easy activity and therefore, your account can also get hacked. In such a scenario, you have to enter your email address or contact number to change the password. In case you do not remember with which email address you opened your account, or you do not have access to the number with which you opened it, you can hack your own account and get full access to it and change the login credential to use it normally again.

Apart from these, there are various evil intentions people have to hack Instagrammers and blackmail them or shame them which we are not taking into consideration as they are criminal activities.