What Coverages Your Restaurant Require?

With the positive industry view and demand from the consumers for the new restaurant experiences, more than thousand of independent restaurants open every year. Without the comprehensive insurance plan, these restaurant owners are been exposed to many lawsuits and financial loss.

Kinds of Restaurants Insurance Need

Product Liability— the product liability insurance plan covers you in case your food products make somebody ill. For instance, you are selling your BBQ sauce in the bottles at a front counter and customer get ill after consuming your sauce.

Liability Insurance — the general liability insurance plan protects you against any 3th party insurance claims like property damage, personal injury or bodily injury. For instance, if somebody slips & falls on the wet floor of your restaurant.

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Liquor Liability Insurance—suppose your restaurant manufactures, sells, distributes, and serves alcoholic beverages, then you are liable for serving alcohol to the patron who injures somebody and causes damage to the property. For instance, your servers offer alcohol to the intoxicated person who drives & causes any accident.

Commercial Auto Insurance —suppose you use a car for your operations, it might not be covered in your personal car insurance. The commercial auto insurance plan acts very much like the personal auto plan but includes the coverage’s that are specific to the business operations.

Inventory Insurance— the inventory insurance plan protects you against any loss like food spoilage. For instance, you lose the electricity in your restaurant & your refrigerated food items spoil overnight.

How to Buy the Restaurant Insurance

Every restaurant is very unique and insurance needs might differ according to what kind of restaurant that you operate or what services you offer. For this reason, restaurant insurance Washington DC has team of the insurance providers who understand this food industry and will develop the best insurance portfolio from products that are listed above to keep you well protected from any kind of financial loss. They are knowledgeable in the local and the state regulations that are pertaining to restaurants & can analyze the business to ensure you have right amount of the insurance required without getting over insured.