Website Marketing for Law Firms: 5 Tips to Get Impressive Results

Online or website marketing for law firms can be an intimidating and time-consuming experience, especially if you’re new in the industry. The most prominent players have already invested in viable resources, but don’t worry. Even if you’re a rookie, you can still generate more business by implementing the best marketing strategies. Focusing your interest in these areas will help you gain viable results in lesser time.

  1. Targeting Geographical Keywords

Targeting geographical keywords is essential to improve your local search engine rankings. For instance, if you’re a divorce lawyer based in New Delhi, make sure that you include ‘New Delhi divorce lawyer’ and other variations of this keyword in website content, web title, H1 tags, meta descriptions and ‘about us’ section of the web page. It will help increase your reach in the surrounding region.

  1. Building Presence on Google+ Local

Linking your web page to Google+ Local will allow nearby clients to find you on Google maps. Also, it’ll help you occur in the top position for keywords involving local searches.

  1. Including call-to-action Keywords in your Website and Ad Copies

Call-to-action keywords like ‘hire a lawyer,’ ‘book an appointment,’ ‘call us’ and ‘get info’ reveal the primary intent behind your web page. They tell incoming visitors what you want them to do, by eliminating all the guesswork. It is essential for conversion rate optimization. You can optimize your client conversion rate by asking visitors to fill out contact forms or book appointments online. It will increase the possibilities of customers contacting you and web crawlers boosting your search engine ranks.

  1. Including a Blog for Article Marketing

Linking your web page to a blog and posting articles optimized with relevant keywords increases your credibility with the search engines. Blogging is an effective strategy for connecting with the target audience and establishing a substantial web presence.

  1. Setting up an FAQ Page for Clients

Being a lawyer, you’re familiar with the law, but not everyone else is. The complicated legal procedures can make an average person’s head spin. Including an FAQ page with answers to the commonly asked questions can benefit you. Since this page is rich in keywords, you’ve better chances of appearing in the search results.

These were some viable strategies that will help you boost your rankings. If you still need help, you can hire a reputed and seasoned SEO agency that offers website marketing for law firms.


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