Watch the best comedy movies and laugh movies of all time

From those who never step on the movies to the most experienced moviegoers, everyone likes to watch a good comedy have a good time. We review what are the best laugh and humor movies in the history of cinema.Visit to watch movies.


There’s Something About Mary

The movie that boosted Ben Stiller’s career in the cinema was one of the funniest romantic comedies of the 90s. There’s Something About Marytells us the story of a young student (Ted) who, after an appalling problem with the zipper of her pants, annoys her date with Mary on the day of graduation.Go to to watch movies.

Thirteen years later, and still in love with her, Ted hires a private detective to find Mary without having anticipated that he would fall in love with her too. His eschatological and politically incorrect jokes make this work of the Farrelly brothers as one of the best comedies in film history.

American Pie

Some say that whoever has not seen AmericanPie  has not had adolescence. It may not be a masterpiece, but this film marked the beginning of one of the   highest grossing comic sagas in history.

This youth comedy film is about a legion of inexperienced young people who live obsessed with the opposite sex. Jim, one of them, is desperate because he is still a virgin. He joins that his parents surprise him by watching pornographic films, so his situation at home worsens.


The Marvel universe movie broke all box office records for a comedy of this genre, and has released its second part with great success.

Deadpool tells us the story of Wade Wilson and his transformation into the (anti) hero that gives the film its name. With a chabacano and irreverent humor, which collides with the fourth fourth wall until it breaks down, the film has established itself as one of the best films of the year despite lacking the budget of the great Marvel productions. His second part, Deadpool2, has managed to keep the guy perfectly.

The Big Lebowski

The great Lebowski is considered a cult film, and not just as comedy. Jeff “the note” Lebowski is a bum who is bowling, smoking weed and drinking white russians in Venice, California. One night, thugs sneak into his house having confused him with another Lebowski, who is a millionaire, and mean on his carpet. From there, the note ends up getting involved in a kidnapping, going from the studio of an avant-garde artist to the party of a porn actor, when all he wanted was his carpet and to live in peace.