Two Simple Ways Inns can Go Green Right Now

Whether you’re a guest who likes to visit inns or you run an inn yourself, it’s important to understand the benefits of inns going green.

As society ventures further into the world of “green”, more and more inns are jumping on the bandwagon – and for great reason. Wouldn’t we all like to see the earth preserved rather than whittle it away?

What is “going green”?

Going green is the term used when people practice living a lifestyle that is environmentally friendly.

By going green, you’re practicing tasks such as reducing pollution, conserving energy, and conserving the earth’s natural resources.

What are B&B owners doing to go green? How can I make my inn operate in a way that is environmentally friendly?

You can make your B&B environmentally friendly by following what other B&Bs are doing. Two of those ways are the following:


When shopping, try to purchase foods that come in glass jars or  tin cans. Those materials are easy to recycle as you simply put them in your recycle bin after rinsing them out.

It’s also easy to recycle if you pay attention to labels on the packaging of items you are buying. Eco-friendly products are easy to distinguish if you know what symbols to look out for.

Here is an ecolabel index to help you out.

Limit the use of paper and printers

Luckily for you, we live in a time when it’s socially acceptable to send most things through email.

You should email receipts and invoices to customers instead of printing them out.

Keep paper and a printer handy for customers who demand a paper copy, otherwise send documents through email as much as possible.

This will limit the usage and the need for paper and ink cartridges… not to mention the money you’ll save since you won’t need printer ink often.

There are other ways you can go green, but these are two of the simplest steps you can take to get started. Guests will appreciate lodging in a place that cares for the environment, and you will personally feel better about the good you’re doing.