Reasons Why You Should Learn Playing Piano

Music has always been constant through the history till today. There would rarely be a person who’d be able to say “I don’t listen to music” or “I hate music”. Piano has been the most basic and yet the most popular musical instrument. You can choose to go to a traditional class or even easier- take short and useful classes in piano online. Whatever the preference is, learning piano can be really beneficial. Here’s a list of benefits of playing piano.

Knowing a new skill

Every person would want to add as many skills to his/her list as they can. Being able to play piano can be one of them if you decide. Playing piano can boost your confidence and can diversify your abilities.

Stress busting

Music is a great way to get rid of stress. A lot of people listen to songs in order to recover from stress and be at peace. Very similarly, playing an instrument, like piano also relieves stress and gives you peace of mind.

Better fine motor skills

Fine motor skills mean being able to carry out skilled tasks that require movement of the fingers. Playing piano make you exercise your fingers in a way that it enhances your fin motor skills. Fine motor skills come handy in performing many tasks.

Being able to divide concentration

Piano is played using fingers of both the hands simultaneously. For a number of people, using both the hands is a tricky task. Especially when the fingers of both hands are used to press different keys, it gets confusing. But, as you start practicing and spend some time playing piano, you’d get better at it. This helps you split your concentration effortlessly over time.

Increased brain efficiency

Various researches and studies prove that a person who plays piano has enhancedbrain activity and efficiency than a non-piano player. Playing piano enhances problem solving skills, decision-making skills, and helps you think spontaneously.

You become a multi-tasker

When we look at the complete picture, learn piano is a lot more than hand-work. You are required to figure out and play the right key out of 88 keys that look exactly same. Besides this, you also need to look at the sheet that has the music notes and sometimes sing. All of these tasks need the brain to devote itself to a number of tasks at the same time. This is how you become a master at multitasking.