refrigerated delivery


Frozen foods are the most difficult thing to transport.  In order to deliver frozen foods, there are several parameters that one has to properly maintain. But frozen food delivering is one of the most important courier services all across the world. The reason why delivering these foods is so difficult is because of the attack of the various microorganisms on these foods. The microorganisms and germs that has the ability to spoil the food that we keep untouched for long, creates a major hindrance for the delivering of frozen foods. This is why controlling the temperature is one of the most important aspects of frozen food courier.


The PDQ Frozen Food Courier is one of the best frozen food delivering company working in the UK and most of Europe. They have great experience in this arena and has a number of experienced and authorized personnel working for them. Their service is unmatchable in all regards and simply outstanding, and will not give the customer any opportunity to make a complaint. The company has a number of temperature-controlled food trucks that are perfect for the delivering of frozen food all across Europe.


There are many reasons why the PDQ Frozen Food Courier company is the best frozen food delivering company in Europe. Their years of experience have given them a lot of opportunities to learn the business. Moreover, the trucks at their disposal are fully equipped with innovative technology that helps them to control the temperature of the food. The GPS system in their vehicles also enable them to keep track of the food and the temperature all throughout the vast journey.

Furthermore, their refrigeration systems are fully maintained at a sixteen-week interval to ensure maximum quality. All vehicles have several emergency standby cables installed and the bodies of high specification help to ensure that the temperature inside the vehicle is maintained at the same level for at least two hours, even after all the systems have been turned off. Other than giving the customer the peace of mind, it also helps them get the carbon footprint goal and helps them decrease the bad impact it might have had on the nature.

This is a company that understand the importance of quality food and the value of time. They are always looking for opportunities to improve themselves, and improve the refrigerated delivery system.