Family Owned and Operated shuttle bus rental services

  • Contract transport rentals are extraordinary for long outings or evenings out on the town, while shuttle bus rental transports are your most solid option when you are simply concentrating on getting from indicating A point B.
  • Sanction transports give transportation on expanded excursions, enduring a day or more. As a rule, sanction transports have a tendency to be more open to, offering civilities like individual aerating and cooling, leaning back seats, and stimulation like DVD players.
  • When you book a sanction transport, you will supply them with an agenda, where you are anticipating voyaging so they can offer you their rates – weather is a level charge or per mile. Utilize a Shuttle bus rental transport for moving huge gatherings of individuals for events like visits, wine sampling, or for field trips.

  • Transport transports are utilized as their title infers—moving between places. You lease a van transport when you are moving extensive gatherings of individuals starting with one place then onto the next where transportation is your lone goal. For example, you can carry individuals to and from the airplane terminal, tradition focuses, and occasions like gatherings or meals.
  • Transport rentals are an extraordinary method to move a substantial gathering of individuals securely and proficiently. It regularly bodes well than carpooling, leasing autos, or requiring everybody to make sense of their own strategies for transportation. It evaluates the problem of attempting to explore driving over organizing an excursion and can make venturing to every part of the slightest of your stresses.
  • On the off chance that you are searching for a transport rental organization in Santa Clara County, utilize Quality Assurance Travel. We go all through the narrows territory, offering transport rental administrations for sports occasions, corporate gatherings, and a scope of different reasons. Visit our administration’s segment to take in more about our administrations and how we can help you.

Customer Review

Quality Assurance Travel worked intimately with my association from the earliest starting point. They worked with us to keep the cost of our financial plan and were to a great degree adaptable! The operator and I was in correspondence with (Art Moreno) was very responsive from the earliest starting point and even after the excursion. The transportation for our gathering of more than 200 individuals ran easily. We didn’t get anything yet compliments from all the gathering participants. I had the chance to meet the diverse drivers who bolstered us for the 4-day length of our gathering and they were each well-disposed and to a great degree dependable.