7 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Analytics

7 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the most powerful web analytic tools for your SEO analytics and marketing purposes. The social media strategy that you follow can be easily judged using this tool and it will greatly help you improvise your website. Here are 7 awesome ways, you can use Google Analytics for improving your webpage:

  1. Customize it so that the most important analytics data are displayed first.

You can customize what you want to see first by setting it up in the dashboard area. You can even create multiple dashboards with many numbers of widgets defining the metrics that you want. Simply click and open the Dashboards from the menu and select New Dashboard to create one for your personalized use. You can set all the important data to be displayed whenever you log in.

  1. Look out for the best online campaign that would attract more traffic and results in higher conversion rate.

You might have a lot of online marketing campaigns embedded in your website. But how do you determine which one works better than the other? Google Analytics can come in handy here. You can easily determine which campaign of yours is faring well in the internet and can easily improve on the poor ones.

  1. Know where your target audience or the best visitors are located

It might be a daunting task to determine who your target audiences are during an ad setup. If your products or service is particularly focus on for certain kind of people you need to target them accurately. Google Analytics has made this procedure simple; you can click on the Visitors tab and look at the Location of your maximum visitors. You can easily design your ads to target people from this geological location.

  1. Learn about what people are searching for in your website

You need to be aware of what your visitors look out for in your website. This analytics will help you find what your audience are looking for and is your website filled with enough information. You can also determine where you need to improve and what specific content is being preferred by your users.

7 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Analytics

  1. Determine your best and worst performing contents

Google Analytics will tell you if your social media strategy works or not. You can easily determine which service or page is being accessed more number of times and which aren’t preferred by the users. You can go to the Content menu and click on the Site Content to know how your contents are performing on the internet.

  1. Find the demotivating factors that make people abandon your website

Visitors might find some ads annoying, contents that are really bad, or even disoriented service in your website that might make them leave your website. Google Analytics will help you determine such negativities in your website and you can very well rectify them.

  1. Determine how you can improve your ranking

You can easily determine the factors that are keeping you away from ranging good in the search engine. Using Google Analytics you can also do a keyword research and improve the ranking of your website. You can just include this feature in your social media strategy to analyze your performance.