6 Tips on How to Get Discounted Antivirus Software

Anti-virus software helps protect your device from malware, viruses, and hackers. It is an important tool to keep your pc product, smartphone, or tablet working. Despite the necessity of anti-virus software, very few people bother to buy it because of its often expensive price tag. Avoid that huge amount with these tips that help you find discounted anti-virus programs.

Try a Free Trial

Many major anti-virus programs, like McAfee, Norton, and Kaspersky, offer free trial editions. The length of these trials varies by company and subscriber status. As of 2017, McAfee offers a 30 day free trial. The basic version costs about $90. It is also available on all operating systems and downloadable on 10 devices.

Norton’s free trial lasts for 60 days, and the premium edition costs about $110; it’s available for download on 10 devices. Kaspersky only offers a 30 day free trial. The basic software costs about $50 a year, and you can download it onto 5 devices.

Free trials allow customers to test a program to see if it is worth the long term investment.

Buy Electronics with Pre-Installed Anti-Virus Programs

Most new laptops are automatically equipped with anti-virus programs. However, the length of the protection often depends on the model of your device. More high-end laptops (those that cost the most) have full versions of anti-virus protection software. This software usually lasts at least one-year. After that year, you need to pay to renew your subscription, or buy a new version of that software or a different one.

Cheaper laptops may only have a 30-day trial edition. Buying an expensive laptop is already a good investment for quality, high performance machines. Therefore, a full year of an anti-virus program makes the investment even more worth it.

Student Discounts

Students and education professionals are often offered discounted prices on major computer software. Use academic based software discount sites, such as Academic Superstore, On The Hub, and Journey Ed, to get discounts on anti-virus software for your pc, tablet, or smartphone.

Buy a Used Copy

On Amazon and eBay, find used copies of anti-virus software. These used copies are usually very discounted, but they have some stipulations. First, these copies only let you download the program once or a couple of times (not the full amount of downloads that you get from a new version). You also have to trust that the seller won’t scam you out of your money by sending you a copy that has been fully used.

Also use Amazon and eBay to buy copies of new but older editions of anti-virus software. For example, you may find the 2016 version of Kaspersky for $20 on eBay. Compared to the 2017, $50 version, that’s a pretty good deal for almost the same features.


The one time download edition costs a lot less than a full physical version. The only issue with downloading the anti-virus software is that if your device erases it, you may not be able to download it again for free.

Some anti-virus companies let people subscribe to their services for a small monthly fee. This might appeal to those who only want to use it when they absolutely need it.


Major anti-virus companies, like Norton, often offer discount codes. The codes take off a certain percentage of the total cost, or a certain amount of money off the total. For example, a Norton Groupon coupon may offer $60 off the 2017 premium Norton Security software. This takes the $109.99 price to $49.99.